Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty, popularly called vaginal rejuvenation, is a vaginal tightening procedure to tone lax muscles along the total length of the vagina and to trim excess vaginal skin in order to decrease the diameter of the vagina. The result of this full-depth procedure is a narrower and tighter vaginal opening and vaginal canal. After a woman gives birth, the vagina loses its tightness and elasticity, loosening the muscles in the vagina and pelvic floor. The diameter and laxity of the diameter may also increase as a woman grows older. Loss of vaginal tone reduces the friction needed for pleasurable sexual intercourse between a woman and her partner. Vaginoplasty repairs stretched vaginal muscles caused by childbirth, and corrects the sensation of a “wide vagina.” Regardless of the cause of a lax vagina, this procedure may enhance sexual satisfaction by increasing friction during intercourse.


Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure performed to sculpt the external vaginal structures – the smaller inner lips, larger outer lips, or both – and improve the appearance of the vagina, decrease genital discomfort, and enhance sexual satisfaction.

Labia Minora Labiaplasty

Also known as labia reduction, labia rejuvenation, or vaginal lip reduction, labiaplasty minora is used to decrease or reshape uneven or long labia – the inner vaginal lips that cover the clitoris and vaginal opening. During labiaplasty, the lips are delicately contoured with specialized surgical tools, Excess skin is removed to eliminate enlarged, protruding, or uneven labia, and the edges are sometimes trimmed to produce a defined and even border.

Some females are born with large, irregular, or asymmetrical labia, depending on genetic and environmental factors. Estrogen stimulation at puberty and pregnancy can enlarge the labia, causing them to hang below the labia majora – the large, outer vaginal lips. Childbirth or aging may lead to physical changes resulting in stretched and elongated labia. Some women with unattractive labia minor feel embarrassed and, as a result, experience low self-esteem. Protruding labia minora can produce the appearance of a bulge under clothing such as leotards, wet bathing suits, jogging shorts, or tight slacks. The problem is not just aesthetic, however. If left untreated by a qualified surgery, excess or uneven minora skin can cause rubbing, discomfort, or chronic irritation during physical exercise and sex. Women with bulky labia minora may experience irritation or even pain during intercourse, and disproportionately large minora can interfere with sexual satisfaction.

Dr. John R. Miklos and Dr. Robert D. Moore are the best Labiaplasty Atlanta surgeons and are using specialized equipment, including a radiofrequency surgical device, to reduce the length of the minora, even out asymmetrical lips, or smooth ragged edges of the lips. Their surgical instruments cause minimal tissue damage, considerably less than with other techniques such as a laser or electrocautery. Minora labiaplasty may be performed in the office under local anesthesia and sedation or in the operating room if procedures for pelvic organ prolapse are also preformed. This procedure takes about one hour, but may take slightly longer if other surgeries such as vaginoplasty and clitoral hood reduction are also performed. Most patients return to work in 2 or 3 days.

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