The types of platform wheelchair lift for residential and business use

Wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility assisting machines help many disabled and handicapped people in the world to get around. These machines cannot traverse staircase and other vertical inclines but platform wheelchair lifts can transfer them vertically up and down from the stairs. These lifts further help the quality of life persons that use any mobility machine to get around in the home or at office.

Many manufacturers manufacture different kinds of piattaforme elevatrici. Stationary versions of platform wheelchair lifts are available both for home and office use. The lifting ability of this version is approximately five hundred and fifty pounds. But some high quality these versions can lift weight up to seven hundred and fifty pounds. A porch lifts also a one type of platform wheelchair lifts; this lift enables a wheelchair to be moved in and out of the home. This lift has 77 inch lift ability.

High quality models and commercial models of platform wheelchair lifts can lift up to a height of 12 feet. Like other high quality models this platform wheelchair lift is climate and weather conditions resistant and need little maintenance and repair. Commercial wheelchair platform lift have interlocks and remote control, call stations for upper and lower landings of staircases. This commercial wheelchair platform lift also has 18 inch entry ramp. Interlocks of this machine prevent the unauthorized use of this lift.

There are also portable models of platform wheelchair lifts are available on the market. A portable lift allows entrée to stages and other surfaces where customers and guests could use their wheelchairs and other mobility assisting products to get around. These portable versions of platform wheelchair lifts are very useful and helpful facility to have. But there are even more kinds and designs of portable vertical platform lifts are available on the market.

There are many different versions of wheelchair platforms lifts are available that allow a wheelchair to be lifted up into a car. One kind of the wheelchair platform lift is fixed inside of the van, these models are very appropriate for trunks, rear storage and even side doors of the van. These models are very similar to the small crane machine. These lifts are operated or controlled through the push of a button. It is very easy and simple to use.

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