Starting a grocery delivery business

Since the year 2000, the birth of grocery delivery business has become exponential as the online community started to grow. Faced with enormous security and process streamlining issues, the interest wilted as the year 2010 approached and many e-groceries started to close down or discontinue their service amidst the support of huge investors. Since TESCO’s revolutionary start on online grocery retailing in 1990, the industry evolved in so many ways. From lousy shopping carts, incompetent customer service and unsecured payment options and the continuous battle with scams have shaped the modern e-groceries into reliable and efficient service providers. Although many start-ups have withdrawn and ventured to something else, e-grocery business is still a growing venture, and that diving into it only needs a good understanding of how it works today.

If you plan to start your own grocery delivery business, here are some growth hacks that can be used to propel an grocery delivery business that will help in generating revenue and achieve the fastest ROI. Here are some of the best growth hacks:

Make a responsive website and an app to match. – There are a lot of ways to easily create a website and apps now that are fast and intuitive. Either get a professional to design and program both the website and the app, or get some online courses to educate a department of the company to do it. The power of the internet is what makes the grocery delivery business boom. People evolve, social needs become a lot different from the way they were a century ago. People now find less time to do daily chores including shopping and an e-Grocery business should be focused in serving these needs. Having a fast, reliable and user friendly web presence is going to be a huge plus when establishing such business.

Choose only the best and versatile payment gateways. – Paypal, Paymaya, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and many more are very handy in e-Grocery businesses. They are safe and people rely in them these days to protect or prevent scams and identity theft. There is no better way to brag how safe a business is when it can harness these types of payment gateways. Using these not only protect customers but the business as well. Most of these payment gateways offer great merchant and client agreement options for refunds and other things such as identity scams making the online payment process easier and faster.

Use motorcycles in fulfilling deliveries. – If the business is just starting up, it is only advisable to get the most cost effective mode of transporting goods. Motorcycles with installed delivery boxes at the back such as what pizza deliveries do is the most efficient way to deliver goods. Motorcycles eat up less fuel than trucks and vans would, tons of difference actually and will help the business cut down on costs. They are not bulky as they can slid through heavy traffic easily making fast deliveries that clients would surely love.

Use the power of social media to market the business. – Statistics show that even the busiest person in the world will have the time to check their Facebook at least once a day. People are drawn so much to their social lives that it becomes “literally” a part of their daily lives. Good marketing stints for grocery delivery business are posting a product of the day, posting a “one-day” sale, and even giving a discount for a minimum purchase is something people rave about and would even post a great deal in their own timeline.

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