Process of Hiring Professional Scientific Proofreading

Scientists and researchers emphasize on writing and presenting their thesis to the world. But seldom do they understand the magnanimity of quality of language. In order for the scientific document to pass the peer review it has to match the international standards. Scientific proofreading provided by professional editing services would come in handy.

Confused by the process of hiring the editing services for scientific proofreading? Well, if you go through the following prescribed method; you would never get stuck.

How to place your order – for first timers?

에디티지 editing services keep it simple for their users to hire them. All you need to do is read their instructions and follow them carefully.

The site requires you to be their member for availing the services, then you have to join them. You have to log on to 에디티지 scientific proofreading services. Then you need to click on the option that allows you with free quotation. The editing services would then send you an e – mail with their fee schedule.

If you wish to get a demo of their work you need to upload a few pages of your document that needs to be edited. However you would have to convert the pages in a prescribed format by the editing service provider. The service provider would send you the time frame within which they would send you the edited pages. At the end of time period you can log on to the website and download your edited pages.

If you are pleased by their services you can send your entire document in prescribed format for scientific proofreading. You would be mailed the time frame and at the end of it you can download your entire scientific document from their server.

How to place your order – who used services before?

For those who used scientific editing and proofreading services earlier there would be a separate way of hiring. You simply need to log on to the website and upload the document. But there are chances that you might have forgotten the username and password. In such case you have to request the service providers to e – mail your details.

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