Outdoor Blinds- What Are Your Options?

Opt for the versatile roller blinds which come in varying thickness and transparency. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor comfort, roller blinds are now motorised and come with remote controls. Cost effective and easy to use they are available as block-out roller blinds, translucent roller blinds, transparent and sheer roller blinds. Block-out roller blinds can be used as a temporary partition between rooms, for an in-house movie screening and window dressing to protect the soft furnishings from discoloration. Translucent blinds give you the flexibility to incorporate the natural light and fresh air from outside while protecting your privacy. Transparent and sheer blinds are popular in the kids’ room and also often used as an element of interior designing.

Plantation shutters

If you are fond of big neat spaces and seeking a drape to give you the flexibility to switch on or off the outdoors at your convenience, go for plantation shutters. They suit businesses and homeowners and provide privacy, safety, temperature control and clean looks. They are even suitable for wet and heavily used spaces like bathrooms and kitchen. Though these shutters come in standard sizes, you can also get it customised as per your specific requirements.

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Alfresco/ Patio blinds

Call them patio, cafe, bistro, pergola and alfresco blinds, it means all the same. An amazing addition to your outdoors, patio blinds effectively blocks the dust, strong wind and insects while maintaining the view of the outdoors. A good investment towards great looks, these cafe blinds are tempting and currently a rage.

But before you start your online search, there are a few factors you should keep in mind.

While the market is full of options in outdoors blinds like a patio, roller blinds, awnings, evaluate your personal needs around looks, safety and privacy. Your ability to plan how you want to use the space will also help. If you want an extended shaded space on sunny days, an awning works just fine but if you are keen to enjoy your outdoor view in all seasons, considering roller blinds or cafe blinds is be a better idea.

Is it for an investment of self-enjoyment?

Having a decent backyard area covered with newly installed blinds is very likely to appeal any tenant or buyer. Hence while deciding on the patio blinds, decide if you are spending your bucks to get a good buyer, sign a long lease or on you?

Privacy or openness?

The location of your property will give you an ilk of the privacy it provides. Prior to choosing your outdoor blinds get a clarity in whether you want an opaque, translucent or transparent covers. Converting an outdoor open place for storage will require roller shutters while if you have a pool or bbq space, having an outdoor extension with options like heavy duty PVC blinds overhead makes more sense.

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