Consider A Moroccan Rug For Your Home

These carpets usually contain many lines and abstract shapes placed together. The carpets have gained a bit of popularity recently and many people have started to decorate their houses with them. There are several reasons why you should consider putting one of these elegant rugs in your home.

Works with all your decoration

There are many types of Moroccan rugs and they mix well in their rooms. They will help to attract the look of someone to a focal point of the room and will match almost all the colors and decorations you have in your home. If you want a neutral rug, consider a Beni Ourain rug. This type of Moroccan rug is neutral and soft, so it is practically easy to combine any decoration.


Not all Moroccan rugs are expensive and you can find some jewelry at affordable prices. Many people thought that having a Moroccan at home meant that they were spending all their savings, but you may find smaller pieces in the range of one hundred dollars or less. Another reason to consider buying a piece of Moroccan carpet for your home is that there is no other like it. Even if you buy two or three rugs at one time, you will notice that they are never exactly the same. Each rug is hand woven, which means they are unique and you will never have to worry about someone having the same piece as you.


Moroccan rugs are extremely durable, although they may seem that they are not. These handmade beauties are woven with the strongest fibers and resist wear, tears and even spills. Surprisingly, the stains are easy to remove from the carpet and when handled correctly, you will never know there was anything there.

Plush and comfortable

You have probably tried a carpet or rug that looks soft, but when you raise your feet or sit down, you suddenly realize that you prefer to be in the concrete. Moroccan rugs are extremely comfortable and soft. The Beni Ourain type is specifically very luxurious and you have a feeling like sitting on a pillow.

These carpets are excellent tiles in your room or on hard floors where you can stay for a while. You will never tire of the carpet or think it is difficult, as it will not wear out or diminish over time.


Moroccan rugs are perfect for your feet in the morning. Never be afraid to get out of bed and land on cold, icy ground. The carpet retains the heat and warms the feet from the moment they land.

Caring for your Moroccan carpet

If you pour something on your Moroccan carpet, do not worry. You can easily clean the spill and not worry about the coloring of the fabric or fibers. Once the spill occurs, you must make sure to absorb it quickly. Do not rub it pushing into deeper fibers. Simply erase the mess with a clean towel.

After cleaning up the mess, neutralize the stain with a little water and distilled white vinegar. This will help to remove any stains that are stuck in the fibers and will also eliminate any odor. You must apply the solution mixture to the stain and use a brush to scrub the carpet. Once done, clean again with another dry towel.

If you notice an odor, spread some baking soda over the stain to help counteract the odor. You can do it as a precaution just in case.

The best option in carpets

Moroccan rugs are a great choice on the carpet for any home and will provide you with the beauty you are looking for in a rug. The carpets are soft and attractive to the eyes. They help to unite your living room, bedroom and dining room easily and without much effort.

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