Silver salmon fishing tips

When it comes to salmon species, King salmon usually get all of the attention. However, Alaska silver salmon fishing can be a great option too if you are looking for a lot of action. Although these fish are a bit smaller than Kings, they are usually a lot more of them out in the water for you to catch.

Although these fish are somewhat smaller, you will still be in for a good fight whenever you land one. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of success when going Alaska silver salmon fishing.

If you want to catch silver salmon, then you will not be able to lie around in the bed all day. They are actively feeding just before dawn, so it will be in your best interests to get up early. You will need to be out on the water while it is still dark outside.

When you are Alaska silver salmon fishing it is important to take the depth of the water into account. Silvers typically feed in more shallow water. Therefore, the bait at the end of your line should be no further than 60 feet down whenever you first start fishing in the morning.

As the day wears on though, Alaska silver salmon will migrate a bit deeper down. Therefore, you will need to drop your line down a little bit.

When operating in saltwater, it is a good idea to make use of a depth finder. These pieces of equipment will help you locate schools of bait fish much more easily. Once you have found these schools, then you will know that silver salmons will not be too far behind.

The particular type of depth finder you use is also important. Some models are capable of displaying the water temperature. Knowing the temperature of the water will come in useful since this will largely determine what depth to look for the fish you are targeting. Just know that the temperature near the surface will be different than the temperature of deeper areas. You should place a sensor on a drop line to get an accurate reading for the depths you need and keep track of high tide.

Alaska silver salmon are very aggressive predators. This is especially the case just before they start spawning. This characteristic is very good for fisherman since it means they will attack virtually anything you put in their path. You definitely should not have a hard time finding lures or baits that will produce results.