9 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are the new anti-ageing treatment of choice for many – a way to restore that natural plumpness to an aging face, helping to correct wrinkles in a minimally invasive way and with no major or widespread side effects. Despite their high predictability and success rates, dermal filler patients always learn a little something from their own personal experiences. Today we go to the ranks of the women in the know, to discover the things many people wish they had known before getting dermal fillers!

1. You can do so much with dermal fillers!

Dermal fillers can be used for facial sculpting in a myriad of ways, not just to restore lost volume and correct wrinkles. They can be used for non surgical nose jobs to ‘try out’ a new look before surgically committing, they can be used for ear sculpting or to fill in acne scars … and much more.

2. Permanent fillers are available

The only downfall to many dermal fillers is that they don’t last forever! Permanent fillers are available – enquire with your dermal filler clinic.

3. However, they can’t always be used

Permanent fillers should not be used for all areas of the face. For example, permanent dermal fillers cannot be used in the lip area.

4. Injecting skill matters

For an experienced nurse or doctor, it doesn’t take long to learn how to inject dermal fillers, but it does take a long time to develop a true finesse for filler placement, injection depth and angle, injection speed etc … which will all affect either your healing process or your end result. At Dermox Clinics, our doctors and nurse injectors have a wealth of experience and skills in the artistry of dermal filler injections.

5. They don’t hurt at the time

Many people are fearful of having dermal fillers administered by injection. However, the vast majority of patients experience minimal to no pain at all.While the after-effects can be a little sore, the results are plain to see.

6. Bruising and swelling may occur

The level of bruising and swelling experienced depends on your metabolism, your genetic makeup and the skill of the injector. You will also bruise more if you have had alcohol or NSAIDs in the hours before your appointment, or the hours afterwards.

7. Some fillers can be massaged into place

If your filler does not spread out as expected, it may be able to be massaged into place. However this shouldn’t be done at home without first getting instruction from your cosmetic clinic.

8. Or dissolved if necessary

Unlike Botox, dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid have an ‘antidote’ – hyaluronidase. If the filler has not achieved your desired effect, it can be dissolved very quickly with this preparation.

9. Your syringe can be stored for next time

Dermal fillers are usually charged per syringe, and if you don’t use all of your syringe the extra product can be stored for you for next visit!

Dermal fillers are are a significant advance in anti-wrinkle technology, and most people can have them with confidence!

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