15 Tips For Naming Your Dog

15 Tips For Naming Your Dog

There are many names to choose from when naming your dog. How do you decide just a name? Here are some tips that should help you narrow down your search so you can find that special name.

  • Know your dog and what makes it unique.
  • Do your research; Find out what kind of names will match your dog’s personality.
  • Find as many name resources as possible.
  • Visit your public library and check out baby name books.
  • Find a dog name site that is well organized and easy to use.
  • Get an idea of what kind of names you like.
  • Be sure to take notes, you do not want to forget any of the names you find.
  • Be flexible and do not write a name just because you have never heard it before.

15 Tips For Naming Your Dog

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  • Remember, unique names are more meaningful than the popular ones.
  • Make sure your dog responds well to your possible new name.
  • Do not be discouraged or overwhelmed, finding the right name can take time.
  • Be willing to ask for opinions and help others.
  • Go to a dog park and listen to what others call their dogs.
  • After you choose a name, remember to call it frequently.
  • Do not call your dog by nicknames for at least the first month after you have named him.

Although naming your dog can be a difficult task, using these simple tips can simplify the task. And remember to try to enjoy the process of naming your dog and having fun with it. Good luck to you and your dog!

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